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Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Care for Your Commercial Griddle

Flat top griddles are workhorses in the restaurant kitchen equipment category and they have a lot of uses, but they can often be difficult to clean. While you can push the grease into the built in grease trap of a commercial griddle, that doesn’t necessarily make it “clean”. Read on for how to clean your griddle.

First, turn it off immediately after using it, and then put on some heat resistant gloves.

Get some powdered griddle cleaner and sprinkle it on the surface of the griddle, without using too much. Pour a small amount of water on the surface. Carbonated water will help to loosen stuck on grease and food particles, but if you don’t have it, tap water will do fine.  Watch out, as this will cause steam to come from the hot surface.

Using a stainless steel wool pad or griddle cleaning pad, scrub the surface until stuck on particles lift off. Push the water into the grease trap using a spatula.

Rinse the griddle surface with water in order to get rid of the cleaner, making sure to remove all traces of the cleaner and any debris that is still on the surface of the griddle. Again, push that water into the grease trap.

Using a lint-free towel, dry the griddle surface, making sure to remove any traces of grease or cleaner that may still be left on the surface.

Empty the grease trap of the griddle into an appropriate container. Wash the trap immediately with soap and water and if you have a commercial dishwasher in your establishment, run the grease trap through it for more effectiveness. Put the grease trap back.

To keep the griddle in top condition, you should cover it with a dry microfiber cloth when you are not using it.